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Our Corporate sector security services in Sheffield are capable of not only securing your business, but also giving you peace of mind.

Corporate Security in Sheffield

We have had many corporate clients asking for SIA accredited, experienced and trained security guards and security officers. And we can offer exactly that. Our Sheffield security guards are trusted and can protect you business and office. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, we provide everyone with reliable security personnel, ensuring that you have the necessary security to protect your property. Our services range from CCTV surveillance to concierge service to mobile patrols so you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for!

We understand that our clients have different sized businesses so they will have different security needs to be met. Hence why we effectively communicate with everyone that gets in touch with us to understand your specific corporate needs and provide you with the right security solutions in Sheffield. With Security Sheffield, you can be sure that your premise, people and assets are protected and safe from any potential harm.

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Advantages of our Sheffield Corporate Security

We tailor the solutions to each individual corporate needs to ensure that your requirements are met. You’re putting your trust, property and money in our hands so we make sure that we do our job right the first time!

Our Sheffield security guards and officers are also multiskilled so you get individuals who can patrol, monitor and have great customer service skills. That also means you can keep your costs down by having our highly skilled security staff who can deter criminals and act as a rapid response solution to potential harm.

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What Is the Crime Rate in Sheffield?

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Is Sheffield a Dangerous City?

Sheffield, located in South Yorkshire, is the most dangerous major city in that area. In 2020, 83 crimes per 1000 people were reported, but it compares favourably to South Yorkshire’s overall crime rate (4.4% lower). In comparison with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Sheffield is the safest major city.

Sheffield might not be among the most dangerous cities in the UK, however it is considered the most dangerous in South Yorkshire, so it’s still best to take precaution early to successfully protect your business in Sheffield. As one of the leading security companies in this city, we can promise high quality service that won’t disappoint.

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Security Sheffield is a leading provider of manned security guarding services in the UK, focusing mainly on the Sheffield area. We are capable of providing quality-assured guarding solutions to any property or business owner in Sheffield, for a reasonable price.