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Our Event security services in Sheffield are capable of not only securing your business, but also giving you peace of mind.

Event Security in Sheffield

IEvents are a time to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself, not a time to be worrying about your security and safety details. We here at Sheffield Security are proud to be able to provide quality event security for affordable prices. We are very confident in our ability to coordinate and execute tightly coordinated security plans for any venue, be it weddings, birthday parties, black-tie affairs or anything else you would chalk up as an event, you can rely on us.

We also do not follow a security template when it comes to providing our level of security, we make sure each and every one of our event security plans is unique, bespoke and tailored to each individual event. We cover a huge range of different types of events around Sheffield, our previous clients have enjoyed our services time and time again for multiple different events they have run, from festivals to weddings and anything else.

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Advantages of our Sheffield Event Security Guards

Event security allows your guests to feel more comfortable and secure within your event, it provides peace of mind that people with ill intent or those not meant to be there have no way to access the premises.

Weddings are huge events for the individuals getting married, however due to the often very generous offerings (free alcohol and food) people like to gain access to these events uninvited. This is where our event security can prevent things from getting out of hand and maintaining a secure environment.

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What Is the Crime Rate in Sheffield?

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Is Sheffield a Dangerous City?

Sheffield, located in South Yorkshire, is the most dangerous major city in that area. In 2020, 83 crimes per 1000 people were reported, but it compares favourably to South Yorkshire’s overall crime rate (4.4% lower). In comparison with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Sheffield is the safest major city.

Sheffield might not be among the most dangerous cities in the UK, however it is considered the most dangerous in South Yorkshire, so it’s still best to take precaution early to successfully protect your business in Sheffield. As one of the leading security companies in this city, we can promise high quality service that won’t disappoint.

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