Security is a major concern for event planning. You want to make sure that your event doesn’t turn into a disaster, so you need to plan ahead. This blog will talk about event security in general, the event security teams responsibilities, and what you should look out for, when creating an event security plan.

What Is Special Event Security?

Special event security today is a complex and multifaceted set of event security disciplines. That includes event site protection, event perimeter control, event access control, event venue surveillance (video), evacuation planning for the event site, special event medical response teams, and first responders on-site, with a command centre to coordinate, as well as any other necessary safety resources.

Security Planning For Events

Security planning for events is extremely important. When event organisers are faced with the task of protecting their event site, they should always keep in mind that there is a lot at stake. In the event industry, security planning goes beyond ensuring safety for your guests and patrons. It also includes preserving the integrity of equipment and physical structures used during an event.

Security measures can range from simple event security to high-level event protection. The two most common methods of event security are event site planning and event personnel placement. Event planners should always take the time to plan out their event site, making sure that there is a clear path for guests or patrons to get from one end of the venue to another in an emergency situation.

Roles And Responsibilities Of The Security Team

The security team at an event is really important. They will be able to get everyone to the exit in a timely and orderly manner.

Proper evacuation procedures should include, knowing where all exits are located, which direction they lead from the event, and what special features might need to be considered. If it’s an outdoor event that may involve stairs or ramps.

The event organisers have designated areas where attendees will be able to leave their belongings during the event. Security should make sure these items are monitored at all times during the event, and they should be willing to show event goers what is in the designated bag storage area, if asked.

Security at an event should also make sure that there are no prohibited items being brought into the event. This is done by checking all bags, purses, and other personal belongings as attendees enter through security checkpoints.

Security needs to know evacuation procedures for any event so that they can be confident. If anything bad does happen, they will know what to do, and event attendees can trust them.

During the event, security should be monitoring people who are coming in and out of areas that need special access at all times. Security needs to make sure these individuals have proper identification before letting them enter.

What To Look Out For In An Event Security Plan

Every event should have a security plan in place. Whether it’s an event at the local high school or a major event, such as a concert with your favourite band in town; event security is important to have in order to avoid any trouble from happening.

What should you be looking for when checking out event security?

First off, make sure that there are enough guards and officers on-site at all times. This is especially important when there are other event-goers around.

Security officers should be wearing identifiable uniforms, or at the very least something that makes them stand out among others on site.

If you notice visitors walking through an area where event attendees aren’t allowed to go, it might be time for some security monitoring and intervention of this.