Our Services in Sheffield

Our security services in Sheffield are capable of not only securing your business, but also giving you peace of mind.

Services We Provide in Sheffield

Security Sheffield Guards

Security Guards

We will supply you with top security guard services to protect you, your business, staff and customers. Our experienced, qualified and reliable security guards are sure to respond fast to any potential threat.

Security Sheffield Static Guarding

Static Guarding

We will fulfil your on-site requirements for any type of premises. We are here to deal with security challenges in Sheffield and surrounding areas, so we can reduce potential security risks.

Security Sheffield CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

We will provide you with qualified and professional operators who can monitor city centres, shopping malls and high risk premises. We have a 24hr control centre that will respond to alarms and incidents.

Security Sheffield Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

We will supply you with a cost-efficient alternative to static guarding. Our Sheffield security officers can prevent and deter criminals by monitoring your property at all times.

Security Sheffield Retail Security

Retail Security

We will effectively communicate with you to provide personalised retail security solution that meets your needs. Our customer-oriented retail security service is well know in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Security Sheffield Event Security

Event Security

We will ensure that your event remains safe at all times. Here at Security Sheffield we understand how important event security is, that’s why we provide a bespoke and affordable security package.

Sectors We Work With in Sheffield

Security Sheffield Warehouse

Warehouse Security

We will meet all your warehouse security requirements in Sheffield. Our security guard officers will work-hard to deter theft and vandalism so loss of valuables can be prevented in advance.

Security Sheffield Construction

Construction Security

We will meet all your construction security requirements in Sheffield. We know that our clients have a diverse range of needs so we take care to create a security package that will truly satisfy you.

Security Sheffield Reception

Reception Security

We will provide reception security that will keep your employees and their belongings safe. This security service will prevent many potential risks, like criminals damage, vehicle break-ins and more.

Security Sheffield Corporate

Corporate Sector

We will take care of all your corporate needs in Sheffield. We can ensure the safety of your data, clients property and assets, so you don’t have to worry about it. We create security packages that work for all the different corporate needs.

Security Sheffield Student Accommodation

University Sector

We will provide you with bespoke university security services to manage and maintain your Sheffield university site secure. Our university security guards and security officers are highly trained and trustworthy.

Security Sheffield Public Sector

Public Sector

We will ensure the safety of your public sector agency in Sheffield, to keep the public, your members of staff and your building protected from any potential harm. We offer manned security guarding and mobile patrols.

Making an Impact throughout Sheffield

With bespoke, tailor made security approaches, we truly operate under a client first mindset. There are no ifs buts or maybes, we deal in absolutes and delivering quality service time and time again

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Security Sheffield is a leading provider of manned security guarding services in the UK, focusing mainly on the Sheffield area. We are capable of providing quality-assured guarding solutions to any property or business owner in Sheffield, for a reasonable price.