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Our Static Guarding security services in Sheffield are capable of not only securing your business, but also giving you peace of mind.

Static Guarding in Sheffield

Static guarding is typically done in places such as entrances, construction sites, or buildings, but can be deployed anywhere at the discretion of the business’ needs. Running a successful business is hard enough as it is without the added difficulties of security worries.

Keeping your property safe should be a simple and clean task, carried out by professionals. That is why we offer our static guarding services to any industry. We have years of experience dealing with security issues, and are able to provide the kind of security that you can rely on

Static guarding is one of the most effective forms of security available, maintaining a static position allows for constant vigilance around a particular area. A large advantage of static guards would be their ability to act as a strong visual deterrent, warding off criminals from even entering the property to begin with.

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Advantages of our Sheffield Static Guarding

For larger premises such as construction sites, there needs to be a security infrastructure in place or you are playing directly into the hands of the criminals.

Continually providing high-quality services is something we take very seriously and static guarding is one of the most vital services we offer. Static guards act as sentries to survey, report and monitor particular areas of your premise to ensure everything is up to code.

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What Is the Crime Rate in Sheffield?

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Is Sheffield a Dangerous City?

Sheffield, located in South Yorkshire, is the most dangerous major city in that area. In 2020, 83 crimes per 1000 people were reported, but it compares favourably to South Yorkshire’s overall crime rate (4.4% lower). In comparison with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Sheffield is the safest major city.

Sheffield might not be among the most dangerous cities in the UK, however it is considered the most dangerous in South Yorkshire, so it’s still best to take precaution early to successfully protect your business in Sheffield. As one of the leading security companies in this city, we can promise high quality service that won’t disappoint.

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