A large part of an events success nowadays hinges on the security measures taken by organisers and attendees alike.

Security officers are often called upon for crowd control during protests or other public gatherings that could turn violent, but their presence at a private party will be limited, to make sure everything goes smoothly, while also preventing theft from guests who have been drinking and mingling all night.

Regardless of what type of function they’re working at, those in charge of safety should always make sure the venue has enough exits (including fire doors), adequate lighting and have reserved parking with barriers between them to block out trespassers.

What Is Special Event Security?

Special Event Security is something that needs to be thought about right from the beginning of planning an event. From knowing who will have access and what areas need monitoring, it’s better to get this out of the way before you start preparing for other aspects, such as entertainment or catering.

Key Points:

  • Special events require special planning from the start so security is taken care of,
  • Special event planners need to identify all areas that will be monitored and make sure they are secure enough, at all times,
  • Making safety as the first priority helps you plan.

Security Planning and Preparation

Security planning and preparation is really important at special events, because you want to be prepared for anything that can happen.

When you don’t prepare for what can happen, it leaves your event vulnerable to people who want to cause harm. Although planning for the worst does not sound comforting, it is important to consider as a way of preventing an unfortunate event.

  • Security teams should have a special operations plan in place, and know all the contingencies they will need to handle in case of an emergency.
  • The team needs to ensure they are communicating with other agencies who will respond – like EMS, law enforcement, and the fire service.

Security Staff and Services

Security staff and services are crucial when it comes to special events. Security should be a priority and the event planner needs to have this clearly communicated with staff.

Security professionals should be hired based on the special event’s needs, such as where it will take place and how many people are expected to attend. These factors help determine staffing levels for crowd control services, loss prevention techniques, alcohol management strategies and more.

  • Event planners need to identify who will take responsibility for security so that they can plan accordingly, if there are any safety requirements or restrictions in place (e.g., carrying weapons).
  • Special event security measures also depend on where the event will be taking place.


Special Event Security is important because otherwise there’s a risk of property damage, injuries and deaths.

With special event security there’s no need to worry because the professionals will have it all under control! This gives you the time to enjoy your special event.

Regardless of the size or type of special event, security should be considered a priority.

The only person who can make that decision is you so do your research and hire professional security personnel to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time!